Career Coaching

The goal of career coaching is to find and land a new career, one that is both satisfying and fulfilling. The process of career exploration and job finding begins with identifying the person’s career profile, including their Skills, Interests, Values and Style. Then, matching their profile to potential career and job characteristics. I use assessment exercises and self-reflective conversations to identify the client’s personal profile. We pay special attention to their values and interests, especially when people are looking to leave less-than-satisfying careers.

Following this assessment, the client researches potential professions, looking for those that fit their profile. They investigate using online and print resources, followed by informational interviews (also known as networking). I train and practice these informational interviews with clients until they become skilled and comfortable conducting these networking meetings. If and when psychological issues or other barriers come up, I help the person understand them and work through them.

As they grow their professional network in their chosen field(s), they will become aware of job opportunities. In our coaching sessions they learn job interviewing skills and practice them to prepare themselves for these interviews. Finally, as one, or more, interviews turn into job offers, we work on decision making and negotiation to ensure they select the most fitting job and begin working with the most satisfying salary and role.

Since 1984, I have counseled hundreds of people who found satisfying positions and new careers.