Client Testimonials

Daniel White is an EXCELLENT executive coach. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable, and operates with the highest personal and professional integrity. He was able to identify the areas that I needed to work on and identified exceptional solutions to help me achieve excellent results beyond my expectations. He is a wonderful individual and I count myself very lucky to have worked with him. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to achieve incredible results and take your leadership to a higher level.

—Andrea Procaccino, Director, Johnson and Johnson

Dan is an excellent mentor and leadership coach. He is trustworthy and behaves with high integrity and ethics. He has critically influenced my development as a leader, and helped me navigate challenging situations at work. He guided me during my transition into new managerial roles and responsibilities, supporting me during my first steps in the leadership world. He is a very good listener, uniquely able to see things from diverse perspectives.

—Dario Doller, Director, Lundbeck Research USA

I first retained Dan to coach one of the leaders on my team. My expectations were modest, as this leader had both significant strengths and long-standing weaknesses. I had limited experience in working with executive coaches so I did not know what to expect. I was extremely pleased by the results. Dan established a relationship of respect and trust which allowed the leader to view himself and the organization from a different perspective. With Dan’s help, this leader developed his own unique approaches to presenting and influencing. These techniques enabled him to launch a new global initiative that continues to be valuable to the organization. Following that assignment, Dan coached several other leaders in the organization, resulting in visible change that helped both the organization and the individuals. Dan also developed and facilitated several training programs for both teams and for new leaders that contributed significantly to the organization’s success. I highly recommend Dan as a leadership coach and would certainly engage him again.

—Terri Branchek, CEO, Lundbeck Research USA

Dan opened my eyes to see how others view me in my organization and helped me to see what I could change to improve my work relations. The results were excellent.

—Ken Jones, Ph.D, Director, Lundbeck Research USA

Dan White is an exceptional executive coach and team builder. I was the leader of a department with very talented managers reporting to me who needed leadership coaching to achieve their next level of competency. Dan worked closely with these individuals using extremely effective techniques to cut directly to the root causes holding them back in their effectiveness. Through Dan’s help these managers went on to become powerful and highly respected senior leaders. I was extremely impressed the results Dan produced and in the rapid turnaround in the career paths of my reports. I highly recommend Dan to anyone who has executive coaching and career development needs. Dan and I also worked together on a large team building and customer service improvement project. Dan used a very effective interview process combined with well thought out surveys to get at the real problems at the interface of two organizations. Dan rapidly understood the task and quickly gained the trust of the scientists and managers involved. Due to Dan’s leadership, sensitivity and ability to help groups face tough issues without feeling bruised we were able to develop real recommendations and actions that led to a more efficient and high functioning interface where internal customer service between the departments was significantly improved. Dan is excellent at strategy and managing large projects so I highly recommend him in this capacity as well as his ability as an executive coach.

—Paul McGuirk, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pfizer Global Research & Development

I have worked with Mr. White on a couple of occasions, with him functioning as a People Skills coach for individuals and teams. In both capacities, Dan made a significant impact on the attitudes and actions on the individuals and persons in need of coaching. In learning more about how I am perceived based on my actions and inactions, Dan has trained me to be a much more effective and successful team leader. At the core of successful multifaceted business is teamwork, and it is not always easy to get a group a people effectively working together. This could be due to conflicting methods or strategies of one or more key individuals. I highly recommend Mr. Daniel White for helping you alleviate some of the people-conflicts in your teams, enabling them to achieve greater results, and for addressing the long-term effectiveness of your most talented technical leaders.

—Gregory Preston, Ph.D., Manager, Pfizer Global Research & Development

I had much positive interaction with Dan at Citibank earlier in our careers, but my strong recommendation here is based on his executive coaching work with senior managers here at Columbia University. Dan has an uncanny ability to quickly evaluate an organization’s culture at the same time he is assessing his coaching client’s needs to adjust their style to improve their ability to succeed within that culture. Both his actual clients and their managers continue to praise the impact of Dan’s coaching work. Whenever I am asked to refer an executive coach, Dan is the first person that I always recommend.

—Paula Goodman, Human Resources Director, Columbia University

Dan is an excellent leadership coach and has been invaluable to me in my career growth from a junior to a more seasoned executive. His insights have helped me to grow as a professional and enabled me to become more effective in my job.

—Barrie Dawer, Senior IT Director, Columbia University

Daniel manifests a rare combination of personal sensitivity and keen intellect. He brings a background in both psychology and business to problem solving and inevitably uncovers innovative solutions to vexing problems. Over the years I have come to appreciate his ability to listen very attentively to those with whom he is working and to see connections and opportunities that others often miss. These qualities ultimately bring out the very best in others. I highly recommend him for any task that requires insight, dedication, and interpersonal skills.

—Susan Back, Ph.D., President, Research Consultants, LLC

Dan White is an extremely talented executive coach. His strengths lie in his use of both therapeutic skills and business acumen, which enables him to effectively engage, assess, and make appropriate interventions to help people develop their leadership competency. As a friend and colleague, Dan is quite simply a top-notch person. As a business partner, Dan is collaborative and easy to work with – he thrives on learning and clearly loves to help others learn as well. I would highly recommend him for any human development initiative in the workplace. He is an exceptional consultant and coach.

—Joanne Bobes, MA, LMSW, Senior Consultant, Partners in Human Resources International